2 vital lessons single seniors can learn from “The Golden Girls”.


What senior bachelor doesn’t love at least one classic television show? One of the fun things you can do while watching these shows is to keep an eye out for lessons you can apply to modern dating.

“The Golden Girls” caused quite a stir when it first launched in 1985, garnering millions of fans from the start. Here was a show that featured the active love lives of four women over 50 at a time when Hollywood often put talented 29-year-old women first.

If you’re a fan of many classic TV shows like me, you may be wondering if there are still relevant love lessons you can take away from watching “The Golden Girls.”

Indeed there are! Read on for more information.

1. You can find love after the age of 50.

In the episode “Twice in a Lifetime,” Betty White’s character Rose Nylund meets Buzz Mueller, a musician in Spike Jones’ band. She is currently dating Miles Webber, played by Harold Gould, but Buzz is the fun-loving, wild and adventurous boyfriend who ran away when she was in high school.

Rose is proof that not only can you find a boyfriend or girlfriend again, but you can also satisfy your longing for a life partner to share your new adventures with.

Often, older singles are not looking for the same qualities they desired when they wanted to get married and start a family in their 20s and 30s. Older singles crave a partner who has some life adventures ahead of them and is open to traveling and trying new things.

That’s why you’ll see so many of their dating profiles emphasizing their active lifestyles. More than in your 30s, you should avoid looking like a TV junkie on your profile because most singles on senior dating sites are looking for active partners.

2. Don’t let nostalgia blur your vision.

For Rose, meeting an ex-boyfriend opened up the possibility of a second chance at love.

Homesickness is quite common among older people because it is so easy to run into old flames on social networking sites like Facebook. Some of these connections even result in a new relationship or marriage.

But beware: not everyone does. Very often it is the feeling of nostalgia that moves the heart more than the actual person.

Romance is initially exciting for Rose, but when it comes time for the engagement, she realizes that Buzz will always be left without her to travel the world.

Recognizing that she doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life waiting for a man, Rose chooses to be with Miles.

The excitement of a rekindled romance will always be reawakened, but older people often find that they are looking for a relationship with a real person, one with whom they can share their lives, not a fantasy partner who won’t be there for them.


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