3 easy ways to plan a last-minute Valentine’s Day date


Once you enter middle age, you often go through longer periods of singleness than when you were in your 20s.

With Valentine’s Day looming overhead, if you’re a senior single, you may feel like you just want to pull the blanket over your head.

But don’t! You really do have several options. It just takes a little advance planning.

Manage your mentality

Don’t go to a Valentine’s Day social gathering with the college mentality of looking to meet the “right one.” That puts too much pressure on the occasion.

Instead, strive to look your best and be prepared with the expectation of making new friends and having a fun night out. Older couples often form more slowly with extended social interaction. Women are happy to dance with you when they feel you are interested, but there is no rush.

2. Manage your wallet

Second, you can always spend a small fortune on Valentine’s Day activities, but that would defeat the purpose of creating a rich and full second half of life.

The point is to have an abundance of resources and enjoy them, not to be a spendthrift and burn everything before you get to 64.

Start by looking at your city’s list of park and recreation activities. You may be pleased to discover that they are sponsoring a Valentine’s Day community dance.

“The more informal this is, the better because

gives you a greater opportunity to meet more people”.

You will find very affordable prices. To select which one you want to attend, call the sponsor and the vet to find out how good this event is for solo dancers. In years when Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday, these dances can be a Sunday afternoon dance, which doesn’t take place until the wee hours of the morning.

If you started square dancing in January, or perhaps took a class in September, you’ll find that several dance clubs sponsor a special Valentine’s Day dance.

Square dancing used to be a “couples only” activity, but that’s so last century! For years now, clubs have been welcoming solo dancers and even posting a single dancer board to pair up dancers.

With door entry often $10 or less, you’ll manage your entertainment dollars well with this option.

3. Manage your choices

Contact local churches and religious communities to inquire about the unique activities they sponsor. You may have to drive to attend the Valentine’s Day dance, but it would be worth your time and effort to do so because most of the attendees will also be single.

Dances organized by religious communities often include some sort of pre-dance dinner. The more informal this is, the better because it gives you a greater opportunity to mingle, chat and simply meet more people.

Come prepared with a social activity that you can invite new acquaintances to shortly after the dance. Is there a place that has Taco Tuesday nearby that you can invite people to and create more shared experiences? Or maybe you could invite someone over for your favorite afternoon tea or early morning coffee?

Just come up with one or two things to casually invite new people to and thus create a larger social circle. This is how you create more senior couples and the social network will enrich your partner’s life once you are together.


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