3 first date topics that baby boomer men should avoid


Many single baby boomer men are dating again after a dry spell.

And things have changed since the last time you met single women and dated.

Sure, some things remain the same. There is still the social etiquette that men pay for dates, certainly the first date.

However, some things are very different.

The last time you went on a date, it might have been when the current scene was pushing for women to be more sensitive and open up more on first dates.

There was almost a push to be super open from the beginning.

However, since your date with the older lady is a complete stranger, no matter how lovely she is, I recommend keeping the topics light.

1. Do not talk about your divorce.

While some modern women will ask how your marriage ended, it really is too soon to divulge that personal information.

Wait until the two of you have had a few dates and are investigating exclusivity and a relationship together before doing so.

“To speak negatively of another

woman is unpleasant for your date.

Do not talk about your children.

Of course, it’s okay to mention them in a general way: “I just sent my youngest son off to college in September. Now I really think I’m ready to date again.”

However, avoid talking about them and their custody with a woman on the first date.

Save those discussions for the woman you want to have a relationship with.

3. Don’t insult your ex-wife.

Sure, you are no longer married to her for a good reason. However, speaking negatively about another woman on the first meeting is off-putting to your date.

I may be under the mistaken impression that you harbor resentment or hostility toward women.

What topics do you avoid on a baby boomer first date? Leave your comments below!


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