3 ways to inject more romance into your relationship


Once you and your mature single woman have been on a few dates and have decided that you are both interested in having a romantic relationship together, then it is important to continue to fan the flames of romance.

The worst thing that can happen in a relationship is to neglect the romance between the two of you.

Make every concerted effort you can imagine to cultivate, foster and nurture the romantic sparks you share.

What are some of the creative things a modern man can do with his older lady?

1. Select interesting meeting places.

Within a month of the date, your special lady might suggest a shared weekend activity.

As a man, you’re demonstrating your courting behaviors by coming up with interesting activities for dates. Make sure you get a little creative.

The summer months offer a wealth of free and inexpensive outdoor events to attend, from contra dancing demonstrations and salsa classes for beginners to Shakespeare or Opera in the Park.

Watch for a fun mix and variety.

These artistic endeavors stimulate the mind and richly nourish the senses. She will be wooed by you simply because of the wonderful event you invited her to share with you.

“Romance is not dead.

after the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s “.

2. Share a small PDA.

Remembering to kiss and be a little silly and romantic with each other keeps the chemistry sizzling and the romantic embers burning.

Remember in high school when you would find some ridiculous reason to kiss in public?

Maybe when you’re driving together and you run into a red light, you could sneak a kiss? Incorporate some of those romantic behaviors into your mature couple relationship.

Your partner will find it charming and will surely appreciate your efforts to keep the sizzle going between the two of you.

3. Share a sensual dessert.

Many women of all ages are watching their weight. Single older women are no different.

However, you may want to enjoy a few bites of an exquisite dessert on the menu.

Suggest sharing a dessert of their choice and then let Cupid’s muse inspire you using only a fork. Give the dessert to each other, savoring each succulent bite.

You two will be smiling, laughing and blushing before the check arrives. Remind your fellow restaurant diners that romance is not dead after 50, 60 and 70.

Friends, what idea inspires you to use it soon? How will you bring more romance into your life?


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