3 ways to win an older woman’s heart


Here’s some help for baby boomer single men looking for some tips for the modern world of singles.

It wasn’t just Freud who posited “What do women want?” Single baby boomer men in their 50s and 60s now face a modern dating world in which the desired relationships are a bit different than the ones they sought when they were in their 20s.

Which begs the question not only “What do women want?” but “What do baby boomer women want in a relationship now?”

When you are giving your older woman what she wants in her inner heart, then you are the man who wins her whole heart.

1. Be kind.

Once you are 50 or older, then you will have already begun to notice the need for more friends in your life. But you’ve probably also noticed the increased need for mutual support.

Perhaps you have been the one discussing with a group of friends to help the recently widowed church member tend her garden.

A mature woman wants a man who is kind and caring more than she wants the cocky guy in his 30s, whom she now finds tedious and immature.

“She’s not looking for you to take care of yourself.

of her as a spoiled princess”.

2. Be interesting.

While she wants a man with a kind heart that shows in his gestures, behaviors and habits, she doesn’t want a boring pushover. Middle-aged women still want life to be interesting.

Perhaps she herself is now retired and enjoys traveling. She is looking for a man who will now be a fun and interesting companion in her life.

3. Be economically viable.

Single women over 50 are no longer looking for a sugar-coated prince to sweep them off their feet and support them financially at 100 percent that some women in their 20s and 30s still are.

Yes, she wants you to be financially stable and viable enough that you have saved some assets in your retirement savings and own your own home.

But since the two of you aren’t looking to start a family like 20-somethings, she’s not looking to be taken care of like a spoiled princess.

Folks, what do you think is the most important attribute an older man can have to win the heart of a post-war woman?


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