4 tips for taking great profile pictures


Before venturing onto senior dating sites to post your profile, you should first be prepared with a group of excellent photographs of yourself.

With the advent of digital cameras on our phones, you might think you can have a friend take some pictures of you to use on your profile.

You can use them as secondary photos, but when you’re looking for a relationship, mature older singles should do more than use casual photos on their profiles.

Work with a professional.

I recommend all my coaching clients to have professional photos taken.

When you’re looking for a mature relationship, then it’s worth investing time and money in working with a professional photographer to make you look your best on your dating profile.

This is also important for singles in their 20s and 30s. For mature singles in their 50s and 60s, it is even more important that you take advantage of the expertise of a professional photographer.

Your photos will be of high quality and that will communicate to your fellow older singles that you are intelligent, sophisticated and serious about a relationship.

“When your eyes and smile appear,

individual can log in from his or her photograph. “

2. Wear clothing that frames the face.

Chances are that at least one or two of your photos will show you in what is known as a “head and shoulders” image.

One of those photos will be your main profile picture, which the senior dating site will include in search results when mature singles are looking for profiles.

By wearing clothes that frame your face, your smile and bright eyes will be reflected in the photograph.

When your eyes and smile appear, older singles can connect with you from your photograph. They get a sense of you as a person through your eyes and smile.

Bring different clothing options.

Bring a few jackets and blouses to your photo shoot with your professional photographer. Let your professional help you select what outfit will make you look your best.

A professional will even take a few extra minutes to photograph you in different outfits and show you on their camera how you look so you can choose which image best expresses you as a romantic couple.

Remember, this photo shoot is to promote yourself as a great romantic partner. This is not commercial photography.

4. Smile with good posture.

When you sit with your back straight and look slightly upward, you stretch and lengthen your neck, giving you the most elegant appearance possible.

Do this while smiling and making wonderful eye contact with your photographer, and you’ll look great in your photos.

It’s okay for your professional photographer to soften the crow’s feet around your eyes. However, don’t use so much retouching that your photos end up looking obviously retouched.

Both older men and women will be apprehensive about meeting you if your photos seem to hide what you really look like. Instead, your smiling self-confidence will attract the right ones to you.

So, older singles, how are you going to improve your photos to attract more dates? Which photography tip did you find most helpful?


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