5 first date ideas for gay men


Whether you’ve been out of the closet for six months or six years, planning an amazing first date is a must. After all, you only get one chance to make a great first impression. No matter if it’s a blind date or a first one-on-one meeting after a five-month online relationship, here are five jaw-dropping first date ideas.

1. Picnic.

Depending on your local terrain, plan a romantic picnic with artisanal cheeses, croissants, charcuterie and wine. Take it to a beautiful area where you live and set it up with music and candles. This gives the two of you plenty of quiet time to talk and get to know each other.

2. Opening of a museum or gallery.

Even for people who don’t think of themselves as “artistic,” visiting a museum or gallery opening is not only a way to gain culture, but it also helps create a dialogue for two people who have never been on a date together.

3. Outdoor activity.

If, and only if, you know your guy likes outdoor activities, plan a hike, a rowing session or a bike ride. Follow it up with a relaxed dinner at an outdoor cafe; somewhere it won’t matter if you’re both a little sweaty.

4. A concert.

Choosing a concert for a first date can be tricky, but it can also be a “hole-in-one.” If possible, choose an outdoor concert. Bonus points if you are allowed to bring a blanket and picnic.

If it has to be an indoor show, choose something soft where you can say a few words over the amps.

5. A sunset.

Be spontaneous and ask him to meet you at the local pier to watch the sun set over the ocean. Bring a bottle of champagne, something to nibble on and be prepared with an interesting local story, such as a shipwreck, a doomed love story between sailors or anything cool that washed ashore.

First dates can be scary or absolutely amazing. It’s what you make of it. Think outside the box and don’t rely on the traditional dinner and a movie. That will get stale very quickly.

Watch the sunset, visit a local art exhibit or go for a walk, just give it some thought.


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