5 signs that he is no longer with you


So, are you and that new guy you’re dating in the early stages of dating?

Or maybe they’ve been dating for a while and are about to make things official by calling themselves partners.

Your heart is invested in your budding relationship and you want this to work. You fantasize about what a committed partnership with him would be like.

You know you want to take things to the next level, but what about him? How can you tell if he’s not into you anymore? How can you tell he’s sharing your vision of making boyfriend status permanent?

To find out, read on. Here are five signs that the guy you’re dating may not necessarily feel it anymore.

1. Is consistently inconsistent

Before, you could always count on him and his loyalty. He had integrity and always followed through on the things he said he would do.

You had developed the security of knowing that he always had your back and was looking out for you and the relationship.

Now, he is beginning to withdraw that attention. He seems distracted and distant, almost withdrawn.

He doesn’t do those little things that make you happy like he used to, and you experience a loss of what seems like a lost emptiness.

2. Becomes a master of disappearance.

He no longer seems available to you, physically or emotionally. The quality time you used to spend together now seems irregular at best.

He is now harder to reach. He tends to be more passive when it comes to scheduling appointments.

3. Your intimate life is affected

Your sex life together becomes less regular or less intense.

All relationships go through periods of sexual lulls, especially after the honeymoon period passes.

This is not necessarily a bad sign. Usually, libido dies first when personal or relationship problems also occur.

If it seems less erotic most of the time, and there is a decrease in affection in the marketplace despite everything else being seemingly kosher, it may be necessary to talk about what this means.

4. Communication goes out the window

In this sign, you no longer listen very well, or are not as proactive in discussing positive or negative issues about you as a couple.

I probably used to intend to learn everything there was about you and want to please you.

He may now appear careless with this knowledge and may seem more self-centered or motivated to do things outside of the relationship.

5. Becomes more reserved than ever.

In the past, he probably used to tell you all about his day, and was probably excited to hear your opinion on various things.

Now, he might be more closed and not as communicative.

You may be more protected with your cell phone, and it may feel like there are more limits than there used to be.

So what does all this mean to you?

These are just five possible warning signs. Just because they exist doesn’t necessarily mean that he no longer likes you.

There could be a plethora of personal or relational problems that could block the intimacy you are trying to cultivate.

If you are losing interest, it does not necessarily mean you are cheating.

It could mean that he is not really ready for a relationship yet, so he is pulling away in order to feel more secure.

Or maybe it means that after dating for a while, you’ve realized that the two of you may not be compatible as lifelong partners.

The last thing you want is to let these signs create paranoia and preconceived notions that something could be wrong.

The important thing to do with these possible triggers is to take note of them. You should then approach your partner with a dialogue about the state of your relationship.

Ask: What is going well, what is not going so well, what needs are being met, what needs are not being met?

You can learn a lot from this type of conversation, and this can sometimes be a great help in avoiding a breakup that didn’t necessarily have to happen.

The breakup could have been avoided if the unaddressed problems had been confronted earlier, when they started to happen.

Use these signs, and any others, as a preemptive strike to resolve any problems in your relationship.

What are some other signs you’ve experienced in your dating history that elude to the fact that he no longer likes you?


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