5 Valentine’s Day gift ideas for lesbians


As lesbians, you’d think we’d know what women want. But the truth is, sometimes women are so complicated that even another woman can’t guess.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the pressure is on to find a way to show her you care.

If you’re single but want to change that, here’s your chance.

Here are some bold moves you can use to show that special someone that they should be your Valentine:

1. Surprise her

Surprise her by waiting by her car with a single red rose. Going in for the kiss in front of her gawking coworkers is up to you.

2. A romantic gesture

Draw your initials with hers in the sand on a romantic stroll. Or, for you rebels, carve your initials in a tree while taking a sunset stroll.

These gestures, while easy to use, can become a beautiful keepsake if done correctly.

Fizzy? Sure! But let’s remember that this is a holiday represented by an angel in diapers.

3. Send your flowers to work

Don’t sign the card – you want to leave a little mystery but not too much!

Say something on the card that lets her know it has to be you. Try something like “You looked so beautiful in that blue dress. I can’t wait to see you again.”

4. A classic

If you’re traditional, the old standby of a romantic restaurant followed by a lot of hand-holding and eye-gazing is always a classic.

But if you’re going to do that, use your creativity at some point in the evening to make it stand out in their memory.

It could be something as simple and cheesy as a love letter you give her with dessert.

5. A romantic getaway

If you have the cash, taking a girl out for a romantic night on the town is always a sure way to get those romantic feelings and commitment.

But be careful, if you don’t play forever, maybe wait with this one. Most girls will think this is a sign of wanting a real relationship.

What’s the moral of this story? Lesbians are girls too! We want what all girls want – romance!

If you’re just dating, this can be overwhelming, but don’t worry. When all else fails, ask yourself what you would like your dream girl to do for you and go from there.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day gift?


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