5 Worst Valentine’s Day Gifts for Lesbians


Lesbians love and hate Valentine’s Day.

You love it when you’re in love and things are wonderful, and you can end up hating the day when you realize you’ve given your lover the worst possible gift in their eyes.

It is very important to hit the mark with gifts on this special day for lovers. Missing the mark can make this day frustrating and full of arguments, so how can you avoid it?

Don’t make the mistake of giving your lesbian lover one of these five worst Valentine’s Day gifts:

Practical gifts

Romance is not practical! The worst Valentine’s Day gifts are things that are extremely practical because there is no romance in practicality. Avoid vacuum cleaners, garage door openers or red snow shovels.

I know it keeps saying you need a new vacuum cleaner, but NOT for Valentine’s Day. Never give an appliance as a gift. It’s totally uncreative and not romantic at all.

2.Things for the kitchen

The next worst gifts are those attached to the kitchen, without blenders, juicers or toasters.

No blenders, juicers or toasters!

Either she’s going to get the message that you think she’s fat or that you like her cooking for you in the kitchen because you’re too lazy to cook.

Either way, there’s no romance in these gifts, and you’re going to the doghouse tonight!

Avoid giving her anything directly associated with cooking and cooking.

3.Stuffed animals

Please don’t! Sure, it looks sweet, but she’s not a kid anymore. Skip the stuffed animals unless you want that teddy bear or giraffe to be the one she sleeps with.

4 sex toys

These are not romantic gifts that say “I love you more than anyone else!” Opening a box to find a dildo will not make her feel loved and adored deep down – avoid this at all costs!

Buy sex toys together as a couple. Never make these kinds of decisions on your own for her because you will surely get into trouble with a capital T.

Tickets to watch YOUR favorite sports team

Or the movie that only you want to see or anything that is about what you want to do. She’ll get angry and feel cheated out of a gift for her that’s all about you.

Here’s the deal for great Valentine’s Day gifts: pay attention to what she likes, what she says she wants and what makes her smile, and figure out how to give a gift that shows you’re listening and that you understand her.

Make Valentine’s Day about her and the gift she is in your life. That’s how you can make the day better and make her fall deeper in love with you.

So, with that in mind, here are five great gifts for your lesbian lover :

1.A romantic dinner

Yes!!! But make it really special.

If she’s always cooking for you, plan a romantic dinner for her that you cook or cater. Give her a night off from the kitchen, but be sure to add special touches with her favorite food, flowers and wine on the table.

Now write a few lines on a card about why she is so special to you, what you love about her and what she does that delights you. Reach across the table, take her hand and whisper sweet words all night long.

Yes, this is simple, but it works to make her feel special!

2.Romance your space

Instead of buying her a vacuum cleaner, hire a cleaning service to come in and clean the house for her or do it yourself. If you have to be practical, here’s a way to earn points.

Then add romance! Buy a new set of sheets for the bed and have the cleaners put them on. Buy roses, remove some petals and spread them around the bedroom. Light candles around the house, bedroom and bathroom for her to see when she comes in. Put flowers in the bathroom as well.

Play her favorite romantic music, even if she hates it. Have his favorite snacks and drinks on hand and be ready to cuddle and tell him how much he means to you.

3.A romantic picnic

Plan a picnic with at least three courses (i.e., appetizer, main course and dessert).

Now add some glitter!

Clean the car so it shines and smells delicious. A great way to make your car smell nice is to simply put a few drops of lavender oil on a cloth, wet it a bit and put it in the car under your seat. It’s amazing.

Then compile a playlist of your favorite music and play it in the car when you pick it up.

Choose two or three of your favorite outdoor places where you’ve shared special moments together taking a walk, taking in an amazing view, or having a picnic in the past. Plan an afternoon route that takes you to at least two places, but three is even better.

At each stop, share a picnic basket course and reminisce about the times you were there before. It will really stir the romance in your relationship and create a deep memory in your brain and body with this moving feast, smells and music.

4.romantic movies

Does she love, love, love movies? Do you have a big flat screen TV and sound system? Rent three or four of her favorite movies, make a huge bowl of popcorn, get her favorite drink and movie snacks and set it all up for a movie night.

Send her an invitation to a romance-filled movie night with her favorite movies available for her to choose from and include the list on the invitation. You’ll get her emotions feeling good in a big way.

This is special because, as I said before, it shows that you are listening and that you care about what she likes. Granted, you may have to ask again to remind yourself, but this is a very romantic way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Snuggled up in your own private cinema watching your favorite movies along with great snacks, it’s a bit of lesbian heaven!

5 romantic wedding proposals

Oh yes, this is something that happens often on Valentine’s Day and should definitely be kept in mind if you’re at that stage. This is not for a new relationship, but for the one that is ready to commit to go all the way.

Take any of the four ideas above and add a wedding proposal. Tada !!! That’s the best Valentine’s Day event ever.


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