Mutual attraction: how award-winning matchmaker Caroline Brealey puts Londoners on the path to finding true love


The short version: In 2011, matchmaker Caroline Brealey had a novel idea. If people could put down their devices and simply meet face-to-face, they would have a much better chance of finding love. And she was right. Since starting her award-winning dating service Mutual Attraction, Caroline and her team have connected countless London singles with their soul mates through a personalized and discreet approach. If you’re a modern UK citizen looking for an effective way to build a lasting relationship, Mutual Attraction can do the legwork to find the right person and provide you with the tools to help cement your bond.

For some, discovering love seems to be easy, but, for many of today’s singles, navigating the modern dating scene can be overwhelming. Matchmaker Caroline Brealey found this to be the case before she found Mr. Right.

She was a young, eligible, professional woman, but she didn’t know anyone new outside of her workplace. She kept seeing the same old profiles popping up on the dating apps and sites she was using. That’s when she decided to change the way singles were connecting in the world and launched London-based introduction agency Mutual Attraction.

“When I launched Mutual Attraction, I was single and seriously fed up with dating,” she said.[and] Dating events weren’t my thing – sound familiar?”

Caroline and her team at Mutual Attraction offer a practical approach to finding love for clients.

So Caroline took matters into her own hands. She wanted to create a place for people who were happy in their lives and looking for the same in a partner. Her creation, Mutual Attraction, was meant to be the dating agency for people who don’t use dating agencies. The goal was to help people find their soul mates with a personalized approach that brings them face to face with potential matches.

And it is this one-size-fits-all philosophy that sets Caroline and Mutual Attraction apart from the rest.

“I don’t think there are set rules in dating,” Caroline said. “Ask any couple and their journey to be together will be totally different than the next couple. That’s why I’m always conscious of not saying this and not doing that.”

A niche matching agency focused on personalized service.

Mutual Attraction, which attracts single professional Londoners looking for serious relationships, prides itself on its personalized client services. Focusing on singles in the early 30s to mid-50s age range, Mutual Attraction’s team of matchmakers helps singles find others looking to form a meaningful relationship.

Matchmakers accept no more than 30 clients to ensure they can provide the focused attention needed to find a match. These professionals often specialize in specific niches, including helping those who want to get married or have children.

The methodology is based on a friendship-like approach, and matchmakers often have coffee to catch up with their clients and understand where they are in their lives. Success rates are high but depend on how involved the clients are.

“In terms of successes, we’ve had marriages, babies and a lot of relationships,” Caroline said. “But we always say it’s not really up to us: the client gets back what they put in.”

Caroline told us that over 70% of clients who use mutual attraction walk away in a healthy, happy relationship. And this number directly correlates to the percentage of clients who are determined to find the right person.

“You have to embrace it and totally throw yourself into the service,” Caroline said. “My motto is Always get to know everyone!”

The process starts with a quick chat on the phone to say hello and introduce herself. The next step is a coffee consultation, which Caroline said is her favorite part of the job.

“We chat about service and get to know a little bit about them: how they live their lives, what motivates them, what’s important to them in a relationship and couple,” he said. “If we can help them, and they’re eager to join, we’ll get things going.”

Once clients are ready to move on, they have another meeting with their matchmaker to delve deeper into their personal wants and needs. Mutual Attraction also has a photo shoot and training session to make sure the clients’ physical and mental games are top-notch. This, Caroline said, puts them in the best possible place to meet someone special.

After this, the matching finally begins. While each client has a dedicated matchmaker, the entire Mutual Attraction team participates in the matches. Once the right person is found, the matchmakers keep in touch with the clients to find out when the date is and give some last-minute advice. After the date, the matchmakers communicate with the client and their partner to see how they did. They also encourage second and third dates because it takes people a little time to warm up. Once the Mutual Attraction team began implementing this process, success rates skyrocketed.

Complete blog covers game-changing dating information

In addition to offering top-notch and effective matchmaking services, Mutual Attraction’s blog offers comprehensive coverage of all things dating and relationship related in London. Through articles and podcasts, the team offers real-world advice for singles living in the UK capital.

The blog aggregates content from inside and outside experts and matchmakers to provide readers with information about dating in the modern world. In “The Truth About Attracting the Right Person,” An Auret covers the critical qualifications for attracting the partner you want. She attributes the solution to finding a match with one thing: your energy. An explains how energy works in relationships through her personal attraction zone theory.

“How someone feels when they are around you is related to how you feel about yourself, how you perceive yourself, how you behave, how authentically confident you are, how open you are to the potential of a relationship, intimacy, connection and much more,” she wrote in her blog post.

Saskia Nelson’s article “7 cool things that should be on your dating wish list,” for example, discusses dating techniques you should try. Here, Saskia presents examples of how to do new things, like dating someone who isn’t your type, to keep things fresh and give singles a way to see if they’re being too picky.

Saskia also recommends giving a good date a second chance to shine. Who knows? Maybe he or she was nervous the first time and needs a chance to open up.

All of the tips in the blog are easily identifiable and realistic. These best practices are designed to get readers out of a dating slump and get them moving toward making meaningful connections.

Inspirational success stories prove that love is closer than you think

While Mutual Attraction’s high success rate is impressive, the numbers can’t tell the story any better than the couples who have found love thanks to the company. Caroline has one story, in particular, she loves.

“Last year we had two clients who we thought were perfect for each other,” he said. “They had one appointment, and it went well. The second appointment went well, but just before the third appointment our client called to say she was canceling.”

Countless couples living in London have connected through Caroline’s award-winning dating service.

Caroline told us that her client had had a bad day at work and her partner had not been in touch often enough between appointments. The client was looking for flirtatious banter and it wasn’t there. But, after the Mutual Attraction team convinced her to give him another chance, things took a better turn.

“We called him because we knew he really liked it and told him he had to bring his A-game, which he did,” Caroline said. “We got a text a few days later to tell them they had a great date and had the next one in the paper. That was over a year ago, and we recently attended a party with them; they couldn’t be a more perfect match . . I love sharing this story because it shows the importance of giving people a chance and not being too quick to make a judgment.

Other client testimonials include David’s, who exemplifies why so many are happy to have turned to mutual attraction to find love.

“We are very happy to inform you that Annabelle will be a big sister, as Martha is pregnant again,” David wrote. “I can’t believe it was 2012 when you introduced the two of us. Honestly, we couldn’t be happier.”

Next for Caroline: passing on skills to aspiring matchmakers.

Mutual Attraction is celebrating its sixth anniversary by continuing to offer the exceptional and personalized services it has been providing to its clients since day one. Caroline, pleased with how her services are helping clients, said she always wanted to share her skills with others. So, after seeing a hole in the market, she started Matchmaker Academy.

“I love running the Matchmaker Academy,” he said. “I set it up because when I launched my matchmaking business, there were very few options to get professional training, especially here in Europe.”

Caroline told us that such services would have done wonders to help her educate her team in the early days of the company. And, now that she and her team are seasoned veterans in the matching arena, she wants to pass on her skills to make a difference in the lives of others.

“We teach everything from setting up your business and designing membership packages and pricing to how to put together a solid match and making sure you have all the contracts and legal aspects in place,” Caroline said. “We cover everything you need to know to be a professional matchmaker.”

Caroline has always been passionate about helping others, whether it’s empowering them to find love or starting a rewarding career. And now, she’s finding that her own students are inspiring her. She told us she is proud to be a part of their entrepreneurial journey. No doubt her student’s future clients will also be thrilled that Caroline has spread her successful matchmaking gospel.


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